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Size: Small - medium
Not exceeding 39 cm (15.5 in)
Weight: 9 - 9.5 kg (20 - 21 lb)
Life Span: 14 years
Happy & fearless
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:

welsh terrier

The Welsh Terrier is courageous, active and affectionate. Welsh Terriers are rather reserved with strangers, but are very patient with children and can withstand rough play. To prevent Welsh Terriers from chasing other household pets, they need to be socialized with them from puppyhood. This breed can be dominant towards other dogs and although they are brave they are not aggressive. They have the intelligence to quickly learn what is expected of them and are easily trained. Welsh Terriers enjoy being close to their family and make uncomplicated pets.

The Welsh Terrier needs it's coat stripped (the old hairs plucked out) two to three times a year, or even more often if being shown. Pet owners can keep these dogs looking tidy if they are clipped about four times a year. Depending upon the coat's condition, it will need brushing and combing several times a week. Welsh Terriers do not shed and rarely need washing.

This breed is untiring and is always ready to play with a ball or run and romp around the backyard. Welsh Terriers need an average amount of exercise and should be taken on regular walks with opportunities to run off the lead. They will always happily join in on any family activities.

The Welsh Terrier has had little or no infusion of lines from other colored terriers. The Welsh people have been proud of the fact that their terriers were the purest variety of the old English broken haired Black and Terrier from as far back as 1737. These game terriers were used to hunt otters, badgers and foxes. Their smaller size also made them useful for reducing the vermin around the farms and stables. Although this breed is purer, they were never as popular as other breeds with white, as the hunters preferred dogs that could easily be identified in the field.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Robust, hardy and squarely-built.
Color: Preferably black/tan or black/tan/grizzle.
Coat: Wiry, hard, close, abundant and very dense.
Tail: Customarily docked and carried gaily.
Ears: Set high, small, V-shaped with the tips dropping forward.
Body: The body is short with well sprung ribs and a short, straight back. The chest is deep and the shoulders are oblique and well laid back.

Additional Comments:

  • Welsh Terriers display the usual terrier gameness, but tend to be less fiery than some of the other terrier breeds.
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