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welsh springer spaniel picture

Size: Small - medium
46 - 48 cm (18 - 19 inches)
Weight: About 20 kg (44 lb)
Life Span: 13 years
Fairly demanding
Intelligent & enthusiastic
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:

welsh springer spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is quick, active, good-natured, affectionate and loyal. The extreme enthusiasm of these dogs may not be suitable for the elderly or small children. Welsh Springer Spaniels are easy to train and are always eager to please. Firm control and handling is advisable as they can be headstrong and are likely to run off when they sniff out an exciting scent. Welsh Springer Spaniels are good with children, other dogs and household pets. They love human companionship and make good watchdogs.
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Welsh Springer Spaniels need brushing about twice a week, with more frequent grooming when the coat is moulting. The ears need to be kept clean and nails clipped short. The excess hair between the pads of the feet should also be trimmed.

Welsh Springer Spaniels need regular exercise, as they are an extremely active and energetic breed. They are best suited for an owner who is active themselves and who has the time to fulfill their exercise needs. These dogs enjoy swimming and have excellent scenting noses.

Welsh Springer Spaniels are sometimes referred to as the Welsh Starters and have ancient and pure origins. This breed was originally used to 'spring' game, but when guns were introduced, their role changed to retrieving birds on land and water. In 1300 AD in the Laws of Wales, red and white dogs are mentioned, which are believed to be the forerunners of the modern Welsh Springer Spaniel. These dogs are related to the English Springer Spaniel and come from the same stock.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Strong and symmetrical with a glossy coat.
Color: Rich red and white.
Coat: Flat, straight, thick and with a silky texture.
Tail: Set low, customarily docked, lightly feathered and never carried above the level of the back.
Ears: Set low, hanging close to the cheeks, small, shaped like a vine leaf and covered with setter like feathering.
Body: The body is strong and muscular with a deep brisket and well-sprung ribs.

Additional Comments:

  • Welsh Springer Spaniels are slightly more headstrong than that of their cousin the English Springer Spaniel. They are also slightly smaller in size and not as heavily built.
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