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This is a group of small dogs, but they are not to be regarded as ladies' pets, as many of these breeds are as tough as nails. The group includes such characters as the Chihuahua, the King Charles Spaniel, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Japanese Chin. They will always be popular with those living in the city or who have limited living space. The advantage with these smaller breeds is that general dog problems are minimized, such as shedding, destruction/messes and the cost of care and remember that it is easier to control a ten pound dog than it is one ten times that size.

They are normally kept as pets, but they are clever and can be trained to perform in obedience tests; the Papillon is a good example. They are brave, as shown by the Pug and the Pekingese; and they make wonderful companions, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel being a favorite.

manchester terrier glen of imaal terrier jack russell

yorkshire terrier west highland white terrier norkfolk terrier

Toy Group
Affenpinscher Brussel Griffon
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Chihuahua
Chinese Crested Havanese
Italian Greyhound Japanese Chin
King Charles Spaniel Maltese
Miniature Pinscher Papillon
Pekingese Pomeranian
Poodle Pug
Shih Tzu Silky Terrier
Toy Manchester Terrier Yorkshire Terrier


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