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tibetan terrier picture

Size: Small - medium
36 - 41 cm (14 - 16 inches)
Weight: 8 - 10 kg (17 - 22 lb)
Life Span: 15 years
Fairly demanding
Outgoing & intelligent
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Dhoki Apso

tibetan terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is extroverted, intelligent, alert and lively. Tibetan Terriers can look cuddly on the outside, but they are tough, brave dogs that make excellent watchdogs. They are cautious with strangers and can be dominant towards other dogs. Children are happily accepted by these terriers, provided they are not pestered by them. Tibetan Terriers are obedient, but they need proper training to control their natural exuberance. This breed should be socialized with cats and other household pets during puppyhood, for them to live in harmony once fully grown.

Tibetan Terriers need to be brushed every day to prevent tangles and to remove the loose hairs. It is best to use a brush with bristles or pins that can reach right through to the under coat. Tibetan Terriers need to washed regularly and the excess hair in the ear canals should be removed. The hair between the pads of the feet should be trimmed and kept short.

Tibetan Terriers are extremely energetic and nimble. They demand plenty of exercise and are suitable dogs for agility trials and fly-ball.

There are a number of breeds that originate from Tibet, such as the Lhasa Apso, Tibetan Mastiff and the Tibetan Spaniel. The Tibetan people greatly respected these dogs and believed that humans were reincarnated as dogs after death. An English doctor working in Tibet during the 1920s was given a Tibetan Terrier, which was the beginning of these dogs making their way to the west.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Squarely-built, bushy and similar to the Lhasa Apso.
Color: White, golden, grey, cream, soot, black, particolored and tricolored.
Coat: The outer coat is fine and profuse but not silky. It is either straight or wavy. The under coat is fine and woolly.
Tail: Set high, well feathered, curled over the back and of medium length.
Ears: Pendant, V-shaped, feathered and of medium size.
Body: The body is sturdy and well muscled with a straight topline. The loin is slightly arched and the ribs are well-sprung.

Additional Comments:

  • A distinctive characteristic of Tibetan Terriers is their large flat feet that have no arch in the toes. They use these flattish feet in an unusual manner, similar to a cat, to hold or push things around like a ball.
  • Although the coat of the Tibetan Terrier is not silky, it can be made to gleam like silk with hard brushing.
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