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tibetan spaniel picture

Size: Small
About 25cm (10 inches)
Weight: 4.1 - 6.8 kg (9 - 15 lb)
Life Span: 15 years
Loyal & independent
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:

tibetan spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel is alert, intelligent, lively and active. Tibetan Spaniels are quite easily trained as they quickly learn what is expected from them. They are ideal family companions, as they are loving with children and will happily get along with other pets and dogs, provided they have had contact with other animals from a young age. Tibetan Spaniels are good watchdogs and will always alert their owner when they sense danger. They are wary with strangers, but are not yappy dogs.
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Despite the coat being longish and silky, it doesn't actually require much grooming to keep it looking tidy. Tibetan Spaniels only need a quick regular brush to keep their hair tangle-free and their ears should also be kept clean.

Tibetan Spaniels don't need much exercise, but their health does benefit from regular walks. They enjoy playing and romping in the backyard or garden and being able to run freely when out on walks.

Tibetan Spaniels have been traced back to the Shang Dynasty in 1100 BC and their survival is said to be due to the Buddhist belief that people are reincarnated as dogs in a future life. These small dogs were trained for different tasks in the monasteries, such as turning the prayer wheels or as watchdogs on the monastery walls. It was common for Tibetan Spaniels to be given as gifts to other Buddhist monasteries, which helped them make their way into a number of Asian countries.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Small, well-balanced and happy.
Color: All colors and mixtures are accepted.
Coat: The outer coat is silky and flat whereas the under coat is fine and dense. The hair is smooth on the face and the front of the legs. There is a mane on the neck and shoulders.
Tail: Set high, plumed and carried curled over the back.
Ears: Set high, pendant, well feathered and of medium size.
Body: The body is slightly longer than the height with well sprung ribs. The forelegs are slightly bowed when viewed from the front.

Additional Comments:

  • These self-assured, small dogs do not take kindly to being kennelled outside away from their family.
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