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Size: Small
38 - 41 cm (15 - 16 inches)
Weight: 18 - 20.5 kg (40 - 45 lb)
Life Span: 12 years
Sociable & patient
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:

sussex spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel is patient, active, loyal and cunning. Some Sussex Spaniels can be rather jealous if their owner directs their attention elsewhere as they like to have their handler to themselves. They are extremely sociable and get along happily with children, other pets and dogs. The Sussex Spaniel does tend to be very vocal and should be taught at a young age that one or two barks is sufficient when the doorbell rings or a visitor arrives. They are quick to learn when being trained but need a consistent handler, as they can have a mind of their own when given the opportunity. Sussex Spaniels make ideal household companions with their lovable nature.
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Sussex Spaniels don't tend to have the typical dog smell and need little washing and regular grooming. The ears need to be kept clean and the excess hair below the ears should be trimmed. The hair between the pads of the feet should also be trimmed, but the tufts of hair growing between the toes on the upper part of the feet should be left. The older hairs can be removed by plucking and when new teeth emerge they should be checked to ensure that existing teeth are not being pushed aside, causing crooked teeth.

The Sussex Spaniel needs an average amount of exercise and will quickly become overweight if it's exercise needs aren't met. They enjoy swimming, retrieving and going for walks in the woods or country. Sussex Spaniels are keen nosed dogs and tend to follow scents when out walking.

This breed was established in Sussex, in England. A Mr Fuller was the man who concentrated on developing the rich color in the Sussex Spaniel and records show that these dogs were exhibited in England as far back as 1892.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Solid and short-legged with a serious expression.
Color: Rich golden liver.
Coat: Flat, abundant and smooth. The under coat is ample and dense.
Tail: Set low, customarily docked, never carried above the level of the back and is lively in action.
Ears: Thick, lobular, fairly large and covered in soft, wavy hair.
Body: The body is strong and level with oblique shoulders and a deep chest. The back and the loin are well developed and there is no waistline.

Additional Comments:

  • Sussex Spaniels are reasonably rare as they are not considered particularly trendy in the field or showring. It can be difficult to find a first-class show dog as there is wide diversity within this breed.
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