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Size: Medium
About 70 cm (28 inches)
Weight: About 31 kg (68 lb)
Life Span: 14 years
Energetic & independent
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Not registered
Other Names:
Arabian Greyhound, Slughi


The Sloughi is energetic, active, loyal and temperamental. Sloughi's only tend to show affection towards the people they like and are rather obstinate dogs. They are difficult to train and are very independent and require a handler who has insight into this breeds character. It is important that Sloughis have contact with different animals, people and situations when they are young. If they are properly trained it is possible for these dogs to live alongside cats. Sloughi's are cautious with strangers and have a natural guarding instinct.

Little grooming is needed for Sloughi's and occasional brushing is adequate. The claws need to be kept trimmed and the teeth free of tartar.

Exercise is essential for Sloughi's with their huge levels of stamina. Because they are a breed that hunts by sight, some countries do not allow them to run freely off the lead. A race track is an ideal place for these dogs to stretch out in a full gallop and burn off their energy.

The origins of the Sloughi are found in the original Egyptian Greyhound which was commonly depicted on the walls of tombs. These dogs moved with nomads across Africa to Morocco, where they worked guarding their villages and masters' homes. Once a predator was spotted and attacked by a Sloughi, the neighbouring dogs would immediately arrive for reinforcement and then they would all return back home taking up their posts outside their masters' homes again.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Lean, elegant and racy.
Color: Fawn or sand with or without a black mask.
Coat: Tough, fine and short.
Tail: Long, fine and should not be carried above the level of the back.
Ears: Drooping, flat, triangular and slightly rounded.
Body: The body is muscular and lean and the deep chest reaches just to the elbows. The back is relatively short with the loin being wide, lean and slightly arched. The belly is tucked up and the shoulders are flat, lean and clearly visible.

Additional Comments:

  • Sloughi is pronounced as "sloogi".
  • Sloughi's are commonly mistaken for smooth-coated Salukis as they are both similar in appearance, despite them being completely separate breeds.
  • There is a tendency with this breed to keep them so lean, that they appear under-nourished.
  • Sloughi's are not an overly popular breed outside of their homeland.
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