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Size: Small
25.4 - 28 cm (10 - 11 inches)
Weight: 8.6 - 10.4 kg (19 - 23 lb)
Life Span: 13 years
Bold & friendly
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Aberdeen Terrier

scottish terrier

The Scottish Terrier is active, intelligent, bold and independent. Scottish Terriers are straight forward dogs and become extremely attached to their families. This breed naturally gets along with other dogs and household pets with few problems. Children are happily accepted so long as they don't treat them as toys and give them their own space. Scottish Terriers are easy to train with a consistent handler who has their respect, but remember that they have a mind of their own and are independent dogs.
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The coat of a Scottish Terrier needs to be stripped (the dead hairs hand-plucked) about twice per year. The chest, head and legs are usually clipped. The hair needs to be regularly brushed and combed between strippings and the beard and moustache should be kept clean from food residue.

The Scottish Terrier does not demand much exercise and tends to adapt to the daily activities of it's family, for it's exercise needs.

As early as 1561 a similarly constructed terrier to the Scottish Terrier was recorded in Scotland. They were originally known as Aberdeen Terriers and their similarities to the Skye Terrier can not be ignored. These small dogs were valued for their ability to work with fox hunters and hunt the vermin around farms. The hounds trailed the foxes and cornered them and then the terriers would follow the foxes into their burrows. It was important that the Scottish Terriers were low to the ground, good diggers and very game. They had to have strong tails so that the hunters could pull them out of a burrow if needed.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Sturdy, short-legged and well-tailored.
Color: Black, brindle or wheaten.
Coat: The outer coat is harsh, dense, long and wiry. The under coat is dense and soft.
Tail: Tapering, carried high, of moderate length and can have a slight curve.
Ears: Set high, small, pointed and erect.
Body: The body is short with a deep, broad chest. The shoulders are long and sloping with a short, level back. The loin is deep and muscular and the brisket is relatively broad.

Additional Comments:

  • Scottish Terriers enjoy digging and therefore are not ideal pets for conscientious gardners.
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