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Size: Medium - small
38 - 48 cm (15 - 19 inches)
Weight: 8 - 15 kg (18 - 33 lb)
Life Span: 13 years
Alert & wary
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Not registered
Other Names:
Labrit, Berger des Pyrénées

pyrenean sheepdog

The Pyrenean Sheepdog is intelligent, alert, vigilant and animated. Pyrenean Sheepdogs are loving with children and get along with other pets so long as they were socialized with them when young. These dogs tend to be cautious with strangers. Pyrenean Sheepdogs are intelligent, ready to work and keen to learn. They form a close bond with their family and can be extremely sensitive to their owner's mood. These mischievous and enthusiastic dogs make good companions and enjoy being part of a family.

Pyrenean Sheepdogs need little grooming as their coats are supposed to look naturally shaggy. A weekly brush is sufficient and the loose hairs in the ear canals should be removed. The short beard should also be washed regularly to keep it clean.

Pyrenean Sheepdogs need daily exercise such as long walks or participating in dog sports. They do well in a most dog sports and enjoy working for their owners. They should not be restricted to a basket with only a daily walk around the block to look forward to. They need to be kept occupied otherwise they can become troublesome.

For centuries,the Pyrenean Sheepdog has been working for shepherds, herding sheep and goats in what is now known as Southern France and Northern Spain. The breed was not officially recognized in France until 1926. These dog's were also used as couriers and search & rescue dogs in WWI. Since the 1960s, the breed has grown in popularity and is now among the 20 most popular breeds in France. The first serious attempt at breeding in the USA began in the 1970s when Linda Weisser of Washington state imported a breeding pair from France. The Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America began in 1987.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Alert, lean and shaggy.
Color: Various shades of fawn, with or without black. Occasionally with white on the feet and chest. Light to dark grey usually with white on the chest, head and legs. Blue merle, slate blue or brindle. Black or black and white. Unmixed colors are preferred. Large areas of white, predominance of white, or black and tan undesirable.
Coat: Thick, long, straight or slightly wavy. The hair is thicker on the croup and thighs and shorter on the muzzle. It grows away from the nose and eyes. The hair should not cover the eyes.
Tail: Set low, often docked, well feathered and carried no higher than the topline when the dog is active.
Ears: Broad at the base, fairly short, set well apart and should not be erect.
Body: The body is lean and strong with a long back. The loin is short and slightly arched with a sloping, short croup. The brisket reaches to the elbows and the ribs extend well back.

Additional Comments:

  • There are two varieties of Pyrenean Sheepdogs (1) The rough-faced and (2) The smooth-faced.
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Black Pyrenean Sheepdog (on right)
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