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Size: Small
About 20 cm (8 inches)
Weight: Dogs maximum: 5kg (11 lb)
Bitches maximum: 5.5 kg (12 lb)
Life Span: 12 years
Independent & brave
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Peking Palasthund


The Pekingese is loyal, independent, self-centred and brave. Pekingese can be stubborn or dominant over their owner if allowed. They choose who will be their "boss". Although these dogs will not let their owner lay down the law it is essential that basic training is learnt. Pekingese are not always ideal for young children as they do not like to be disturbed when sleeping, but tend to get along with other animals. Depending on their early socialization they may not be fond of strangers. Pekingese make very loyal household pets if properly trained.
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Pekingese need intensive grooming, especially in the areas that tangle more easily such as under the leg joints and on the belly. Talcon powder can be used during grooming or dry shampoo. The facial folds need attention as infections can occur in these creases. The excess hair between the pads of the feet should also be trimmed.

Because of their physique, Pekingese are not overly fond of exercise and they tend to move in a dignified and leisurely manner. Because they have low exercise demands they make ideal pets for apartment or urban living or for those owners who are less active themselves.

Pekingese can be demanding with their food and it is important that they are not overfed.

Pekingese can be traced back to the Chinese Tang Dynasty 2000 years ago. The Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso and Pekingese are thought to have come from the same progenitors. For centuries it was rare to find these dogs anywhere but in the Royal Palaces and temples. There were strict rules which made it rare for this breed to be seen in public. Sometimes the Pekingese were taught to walk in procession during royal ceremonies and would hold the edge of the royal gown in their mouths. In 1860 when the British besieged the Imperial Palace, one member of the Royal family committed suicide and the soldiers found four Pekingese boldly defending her body. These same dogs were taken back to Britain and one was presented to Queen Victoria.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Dignified, fluffy and solid.
Color: All colors except for albino and liver. Parti-colors should be evenly broken up.
Coat: The outer coat is long and straight with a profuse mane reaching below the shoulders. The undercoat is thick and there is long feathering on the legs, ears, toes and tail.
Tail: Set high, well feathered and carried tightly over the back.
Ears: Heart-shaped, set high with long feathering.
Body: The body is short with a wide chest and well-sprung ribs. There is a distinct waist and the shoulders are muscular. The body is heavy in the front and has a level back.

Additional Comments:

  • The bitches tend to be heavier than the dogs with this breed.
  • Due to the very short muzzles on Pekingese they can have severe breathing difficulties and it is important to buy from a reputable breeder.
  • Pekingese can become bad-tempered in the hands of an indulgent owner.
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