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Size: Medium
49 - 52 cm (19.5 - 20.5 inches)
Weight: 20 - 23 kg (43 - 50 lb)
Life Span: 14 years
Reasonably easy
Has a reasonably hearty appetite
Highly companionable
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Elkhound, Norsk Elghund (Gra), Grahund, Swedish Grey Dog

norwegian elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound is intelligent, bold and independent. Norwegian Elkhounds love human companionship and they make great family dogs with their loyal and friendly nature. They are good with children and get on with other dogs. They are more cautious with strangers, but do not make the best watchdogs. The Norwegian Elkhound is cunning and sensitive to their handlers voice.

The coat of the Norwegian Elkhound needs little grooming except when it is moulting. It is best to use a comb with a double row of metal teeth to remove the loose or dead hairs from the undercoat. This breed does not tend to have the typical dog smell.

Norwegian Elkhounds are true hunting dogs and need plenty of exercise. It is unfair on these dogs to be restricted to a couple of walks a day, because if they were in the wild countryside they would constantly be on the move. Therefore Norwegian Elkhounds are only really suitable for those owners who can take them hunting.

Norwegian Elkhounds may need careful rationing at meal times because they do have a hearty appetite and can gain weight quickly.

This breed can be traced back to the days of the Vikings. Skeletons of dogs resembling the Norwegian Elkhound can even be dated back to the Ice Age. They were used for trailing and hunting elk, bears and mountain lions. When the Norwegian Elkhound spotted it's prey, they would bark to alert their master and proceed to worry and keep the attention of the animal by bouncing around it like a rubber ball. Norwegian Elkhounds are rarely used for hunting these days, but because of their charming character and nature they are always a popular breed.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Compact, curled tail and proud.
Color: Grey with black tips on the longer hairs. The foreface and ears are dark.
Coat: The outercoat is close, abundant and weather resistant and the undercoat is soft, dense and woolly.
Tail: Set high, tightly curled over the back with thick coarse hair.
Ears: Small, set high, erect and pointed.
Body: A deep, broad chest with well-rounded ribs. The body is strong and square with a muscular loin.

Additional Comments:

  • A known characteristic of the Norwegian Elkhound is its loud bark, which can have a frightening effect on other dogs or strangers.
  • Norwegian Elkhounds can quickly gain weight if they are overfed or not getting adequate exercise.
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