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non-sporting utility group

This cosmopolitan bunch seems to include all the breeds that did not fit comfortably into any of the other groups. A more acceptable name might be the "Companion Group". The Non-Sporting group includes many different personalities and appearances such as the French Bulldog, the Dalmatian, the Poodles and the Chow Chow. As a generalization, the term "companion" does indeed cover them all, but there are varying degrees of companionability. The dogs in the Non-Sporting Group are a varied collection in terms of personality, size, coat, and overall appearance.

bichon frise shar pei french bulldog

american bulldog chow chow american eskimo

Non-Sporting Group
American Eskimo Bichon Frise
Boston Terrier Bulldog
Chow Chow Dalmatian
Finnish Spitz French Bulldog
Keeshond Lhasa Apso
Lowchen Poodle
Schipperke Shar-Pei
Shiba-Inu Tibetan Spaniel
Tibetan Terrier  


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