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Size: Medium
44 - 48 cm (17 - 19 inches)
Weight: 14 - 16.8 (30 - 37 lb)
Life Span: 17 years
Game & spirited
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Irish Blue Terrier

kerry blue terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier is bold, game, stubborn and good-natured. These high-spirited dogs need firm training during puppyhood to curb their stubborn nature and avoid them from becoming aggressive. A well-trained and socialized Kerry Blue Terrier makes an excellent family companion. They are protective of their family and form a close a bond with them. Kerry Blue Terriers are lovable with children but can be more aggressive towards other dogs. They need to be socialized with household pets while still young to avoid them pestering when older. The Kerry Blue Terrier has a good memory and is a lively, boisterous dog that is suited to energetic households.

If Kerry Blue Terriers are not being shown, then they should be trimmed about every two months to keep the coat looking tidy and presentable. They need to be clipped with scissors and a trimmer and should also be brushed occasionally. The Kerry Blue Terrier is normally kept trimmed to a strikingly neat outline that includes a neat beard.

Kerry Blue Terriers are sporty dogs and they love long walks with their owner. These terriers need regular exercise and will not be happy if a week goes by without having a good outing.

Kerry Blue Terriers got their name from the County Kerry in southern Ireland where they originated from. It is thought that they are the result of poodles left behind from the beached ships of the Spanish Armada and that they were later crossed with the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (which would explain the soft, silky coat), the Irish Terrier and possibly the Bedlington. One thing for sure is that Kerry Blue Terriers made themselves very useful to the farmers with their rodent hunting skills, herding abilities and their retrieval skills on land and water.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Compact, powerful, well-proportioned with alert determination.
Color: Blue/grey with or without black hair. A small white marking is permitted on the chest.
Coat: Silky, soft, thick and wavy.
Tail: Set high, commonly docked and carried erect.
Ears: Set high, small to medium in size, V-shaped with the tips dropping forward.
Body: The body is sturdy and compact with a level topline. The shoulders are well laid back, the chest is deep and the ribs are well-sprung.

Additional Comments:

  • The Kerry Blue Terrier is born with a black coat, which should then change to blue within 18 months. The coat is softer and silkier than the typical square-built terrier and does not shed or have a dog odour.
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