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Size: Medium
Ideally 53 - 57cm (21 - 22.5 in)
Weight: About 25 kg (55 lb)
Life Span: Easy
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Not registered
Other Names:
Hamilton hound


The Hamiltonstovare is good-natured, affectionate and active. These dogs are becoming more popular as household companions as they are very clean, easily house trained and even tempered. Hamiltonstovares are more suited for energetic owners who preferably live in the country so they can enjoy lots of exercise. Training can be difficult with the Hamiltonstovare as they have a keen hunting instinct and are easily distracted if they pick up a scent.

The Hamiltonstovare does not require much grooming. The coat only needs to be brushed occasionally to keep it looking healthy.

Exercise is very necessary for Hamiltonstovares and they need open spaces to run and play freely. Ideally they would have opportunities to go hunting with their handler.

The Hamiltonstovare was used in Sweden to flush out game from the forests. It is beleived that they evolved from crosses between Holstein and Hanover Beagles, the Foxhound and the Kurland Beagle. They were unlike Beagles or Foxhounds in that they never hunted in large packs but were trained to work alone or in pairs. The Hamiltonstovares got their name from the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club who was called Adolf P. Hamilton.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Striking colors, strong and well proportioned.
Color: Tricolor - black/brown/white in specified areas.
Coat: The outercoat is weather resistant, short and close. The undercoat is dense and soft.
Tail: Straight or slightly curved.
Ears: High set, pendant and hanging.
Body: The body is powerfully built and well-proportioned. The back is straight and the chest is deep. The long neck merges into well laid back shoulders. The hindquarters are muscular and well angulated.

Additional Comments:

  • Hamiltonstovares are very similar to English Foxhounds except that they are a slightly smaller size.
  • Hamiltonstovares are also known as Swedish Foxhounds.
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