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Size: Small
Klein - 23 - 28 cm (9 - 11 in) Mittel - 19 - 35.5 cm (11.25 - 14 in)
Weight: Klein - 3.75 kg (8 lb)
Mittel - 12 kg (26 lb)
Life Span: 13 years
Lively & happy
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Not registered
Other Names:
Deutscher Spitz (Klein), Deutscher Spitz (Mittel)

german spitz

( KLEIN = small )
( MITTEL = standard )

The German Spitz is alert, independent and intelligent. The German Spitz gets on well with people of all ages and make great watchdogs (as opposed to guard dogs). They are happy-natured and very devoted to their family. German Spitz love to play and join in with games. Some say that they are so responsive that they even imitate the human smile. The German Spitz is not for the lazy owner.

The German Spitz tends to be odourless but does require plenty of grooming to keep the coat looking tidy.

German Spitz need a moderate level of exercise, but often adapt themselves to the family activities to meet their exercise needs.

Fossils of Spitz type breeds have been found throughout Asia, Europe and Africa, with the majority of fossils being found in what is now Germany and Denmark. Approximately 6000 years ago humans live in stilt houses above swamps and when they died their dogs were buried with them. This helped preserve them perfectly and centuries later they were found in an excellent state.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Compact, perky and cuddly.
Color: All whole or parti-colors are permitted.
Coat: Harsh, long, thick and off standing. There is a good mane on the neck and the hair is shorter on the face, ears and lower legs.
Tail: High set, bushy and curled up over the back.
Ears: Set high, pointed and erect.
Body: The body is compact and the neck is moderately short. The forelegs are straight and the feet must be small and catlike.

Additional Comments:

  • In Germany there are 5 different sizes for this breed, ranging from the Wolfspitz 53cm (21 in) to the Pomeranian which is less than 20cm (8 in). However outside of Germany two sizes are recognized the German Spitz (Mittel) between 30-38cm (12-15 in) and the German Spitz (Klein) measuring 23-29 cm (9-11.5 in). Apart from the size difference the Mittel and Klein are identical.
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