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bull terrier picture

Size: Small - medium
45 cm (18 inches)
Weight: 33 kg (72 lb)
Life Span: 12 years
Boisterous & active
Country of Origin:
Great Britain
AKC Group:
Other Names:
English Bull Terrier

bull terrier

The Bull Terrieris stubborn, affectionate, boisterous and cheerful. Some Bull Terriers are keen to fight other dogs with their history as canine fighters. However their relationship with people is friendly, loving and co-operative. Bull Terriers enjoy having physical contact with their owner/family and make excellent watchdogs. These dogs can sometimes be too boisterous for small children and do not like to be pestered and therefore children need to learn to respect these dogs. Because Bull Terriers thrive on companionship they are not fond of being left alone all day and can become destructive if unoccupied for long periods. Bull Terriers need firm training and don't tend to get along with other household pets. These dogs can make wonderful companions if properly trained and socialized from an early age.
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The Bull Terrier coat only needs periodic brushing to keep it in good condition.

The Bull Terrier is very active and enjoys exercise. Good exercise for this breed includes walks, running and playing off the lead and running alongside a cycle (once fully grown). Bull Terriers will be calm indoors when they get enough exercise.

Before the 1850s, after crosses between the Bulldog and a terrier type of dog, the breed was known as the Bull and Terrier. They were not attractive with their bowed forelegs and thick blunt heads and came in a variety of colors. Their uses varied from ratting, badger hunting, bull baiting and fighting. In the early 1850s James Hinks developed a white strain, from cross-breeding of the old Bull and Terrier, the old English White Terrier and the Dalmatian. By continuing to breed the whitest and gamest Terriers with each other, he eliminated all color from this particular line. However the parti-colored variety was not lost and today is accepted in the showring.

Physical Characteristics:


General Appearance: Egg-shaped head, well proportioned, muscular, strongly built, spirited expression and alert.
Color: White with or without markings over the ear or eye. Parti-colored - preferably brindle/white but black, brindle, red fawn or tricolor are acceptable.
Coat: Short, harsh, flat with a fine gloss and tight skin. A soft textured undercoat may be present during winter.
Tail: Set low, short, carried horizontally and tapering.
Ears: Small, thin, close together, set high and carried erect.
Body: Muscular, short, level back that arches slightly at the loin. Flat and well muscled shoulders and broad chest.

Additional Comments:

  • There is also a Miniature Bull Terrier which comes from exactly the same lines, except that it is not supposed to be taller than 35.5 cm (14 inches) in height.
  • The Pit Bull Terrier was also bred for fighting. After deliberate training for illegal dog fighting, this breed had been deemed dangerous and is now banned in many countries.
  • White Bull Terriers should be checked for deafness when being purchased.
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Bull Terrier Profile
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