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Size: Large
58 - 69 cm (23 - 27 inches)
Weight: About 25 kg (55 lb)
Life Span: 12 years
Lively & intelligent
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Berger de Brie


The Briard is intelligent, lively, courageous and happy. Briards have strong guarding and protective instincts. When Briards play, they play rough, but get on well with children. They may not be ideal for toddlers or small children, in case they get knocked over. The Briard is very affectionate and has a natural desire to please. Firm sensible training is much more effective for Briards rather than strict, harsh treatment.
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Maintaining a knot-free coat on a Briard can be demanding. Regular grooming with a pin brush that reaches right through to the undercoat is necessary to keep the coat tangle free. The ears need to be kept clean and any excessive hair in the ear canal needs to be removed. The excess hair between the pads on the feet also needs to be trimmed.

Briards need plenty of exercise, such as long walks, swimming or running alongside a cycle.

Tapestries from back in the 8th century have recorded the existence of the Briard. They get their name from the French province in Brie. They are believed to have evolved from either a remote cross between the Beauceron and the ancient Water Spaniel, or with a blending from Italian Sheepdogs. In the days when poachers and wolves were a problem, Briards were invaluable to the local inhabitants. Later Briards were used for herding sheep and cattle and in more recent times, they were used to serve humans in war and assist with police work.

Physical Characteristics:


General Appearance: Rugged, well proportioned, very intelligent, muscular and fearless.
Color: All solid colors except white. Dark colors preferred.
Coat: Slightly wavy, long (no less than 7cm), dry, stiff, goat-like and strong.
Tail: Long, carried low, well feathered and curling at the tip.
Ears: Set high, covered with long hair and not too flat against the head. Certain countries allow cropping where they stand erect.
Body: Broad, deep chest, level back and are slightly longer than tall.

Additional Comments:

  • A distinctive characteristic of the Briard is the double hind dewclaws. They give their feet a very hairy appearance and cause this breed to act rather like a floor brush.
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