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Size: Large
68 - 74 cm (27 - 29 inches). The taller the better.
Weight: 35 - 48 kg (77– 105 lb)
Life Span: 13 years
Regular & thorough
Not excessive
Gentle, but requires understanding
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Russian Wolfhound


The Borzoi is dignified, sensitive, courageous and loyal. Borzoi's are reasonably intelligent, but need firm control and training. They are extremely sweet and gentle and are not at all aggressive. Borzois are not fond of strangers and will naturally chase other pets unless socialized with them at a young age. Borzois enjoy resting and are not keen on rough play and therefore are not ideal pets for small children. They do not make good watchdogs and are not barkers. The Borzoi is very loyal to it's family and is more likely to be distant than to follow it's handler/family about.
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The coat of a Borzoi requires regular grooming and the excess hair between the pads of the feet needs to be trimmed

Borzoi's enjoy breaking our into a gallop and fully stretching their legs and it's important that they have the opportunity to do this. Having them run alongside a cycle is good way of letting them burn off energy. A Borzoi is likely to run off after any prey it spots, so keeping it on a lead may be necessary.

During the growth stage Borzoi's need a high nutritional diet. They do not have a large appetite and aren't particularly choosy.

The Borzoi evolved from the ancient sighthound family and was established in Russia, where it was known as the Russian Wolfhound. The word 'borzoi' in Russian means swift. It was the duty of these hounds to protect their master from wolves, to hunt and to procure food for them. Borzoi's were usually used in packs and were trained in pairs, so that the two of them would grab the wolf on each side of it's neck, throw the animal to the ground and stand over it until their masters arrived. Cross-breeding to a long legged Russian Collie could have resulted in the longer coat and increased stamina.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Elegant, imposing stature and luxurious coat.
Color: Any color or pattern acceptable.
Coat: Soft, medium-length wavy hair. It is short and smooth on the head, ears and front legs and the frill on the neck is curly. The forelegs and chest are well feathered. The hindquarters and tail have long and profuse feathering. The coat quality depends on maturity and seasonal changes.
Tail: Long, set low, well feathered and carried low.
Ears: Set high and back, small, erect when alert and laid back in repose.
Body: The back rises slightly at the loin to form a wide arch. The belly is well tucked up, long, lean narrow head, long and slightly arched neck and narrow chest.

Additional Comments:

  • Borzoi's have a relatively long growth period and careful attention needs to be made to their diet and exercise during this time. Their exercise should be more limited while they're growing.
  • There are some suspicions that certain strains of the Borzoi breed, inherit a less than perfect temperament.
  • Borzois are capable of becoming dangerous if annoyed, however such behaviors are rare. It is important to buy from a reputable owner.
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