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Size: Large
63 - 70 cm (24.5 – 27.5 inches)
Weight: 30 - 40 kg (66 - 88 lb)
Life Span: 13 years
Loyal & strong-willed
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Berger de Beauce, Bas Rouge, Beauce Shepherd


The Beauceron is clever, attentive, active and sometimes stubborn. Beauceron's are very loyal to their owner and family. If they are well socialized at a young age they will get on well with children, other dogs and household pets. The Beauceron has natural herding and guarding instincts. They are very protective and will obey commands from all family members. Beaucerons are highly intelligent and do extremely well with obedience training.
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Beaucerons only require occasional grooming, but extra brushing is needed when the coat is moulting.

The Beauceron enjoys regular long walks and being let off the lead so it can run around and play. They need a great deal of exercise with their considerable stamina and energetic nature. Enrolling Beaucerons in dog sports such as fly-ball or agility trials is another way to fulfill their exercise needs, however Beaucerons tend to be less successful at these sports than other more suitable breeds.

Beaucerons were originally from the province of Brie and were bred to track bears, boars and stag. Later they were used as shepherd dogs to guard flocks. The Beauceron is closely related to the Briard and they both have double dewclaws. In 1863 Beaucerons were grouped in Paris with the Briard as one breed with two different coat types. Later the breed separated and formed the Beauceron Club in 1911.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Solid, powerfully built, muscular but not heavy. This tough, intimidating sheep-dog bears some resemblance to the Dobermann Pinscher.
Color: Black with tan (squirrel red) markings below the eyes, on the muzzle, chest, throat, feet and under the tail. Also black, red, grey or grey and tan.
Coat: Very short on the head and longer on the back. The outercoat is strong, dense and thick, whereas the undercoat is fine, dense, downy preferably in a mouse-grey color.
Tail: Carried low and slightly hooking at the tip.
Ears: Set high, flat and short. Can be cropped and carried erect.
Body: Medium, long sloping shoulders, level back and broad and taut loin.

Additional Comments:

  • It is important that Beaucerons are well socialized during puppyhood, to prevent them from becoming neurotic or aggressive as they become older.
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