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Size: Medium
51 - 56 cm (20 - 22 inches)
Weight: 19 - 26 kg (41 - 57 lb)
Life Span: 13 years
Cheerful & lively
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:

bearded collie

The Bearded Collie is alert, active, intelligent, exuberant, self-confident, lively and lovable. Bearded Collies are not nervous or aggressive and they make great pets for an energetic family. Bearded Collies don't make good watchdogs, although they do bark a lot. They can be easily trained and are eager to learn. Bearded Collies are great playmates for children and should not be banished to an outside kennel as they thrive on companionship.

Bearded Collies need their hair parted along the centre of the back and brushed and combed several times a week to avoid tangles. The ears need to be kept clean and the hair between the pads of the feet needs to be trimmed.

Bearded Collie's enjoy long walks and tend to stick by the owner rather than run off. They need a considerable amount of exercise and are known to perform well in obedience trials and agility competitions.

For centuries Bearded Collies have been popular in Scotland where they were also known as the Highland or Mountain Collie. Others believe that the Bearded Collie came down from the Russian Owtchar and arrived from Poland by ship with a cargo of sheep where they were exchanged for other goods. The Bearded Collie's weather resisting coats and love of outdoor life coupled with their acute instincts in herding sheep, ducks and other farm life, made them indispensable to the Scottish crofters. It is from the Bearded Collie that the Old English Sheepdog was evolved.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Confident, lean with enquiring expressions under arched eyebrows.
Color: Black, shades of grey, blue, brown or sandy with or without white markings.
Coat: The outercoat is harsh, shaggy, flat or slighlty wavy. The undercoat is soft and woolly. The hair is short on the bridge of the nose.
Tail: Low set, long and carried in an upward swirl at the tip.
Ears: Medium size and drooping.
Body: Relatively long and level back, barrelled ribcage and well-angulated fore and hindquarters.

Additional Comments:

  • Bearded Collies are ideal for owners with little dog experience, as they are very gentle and adaptable. But the owner needs to be prepared to put in the time needed for grooming.
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