australian cattle dog picture

Size: Small - medium
43 – 51 cm (17 – 20 inches)
Weight: 16 – 18 kg (35 – 40 lb)
Life Span: 12 years
Trustworthy & alert
Country of Origin:
AKC Group:
Other Names:
Blue Heeler, Hall's Heeler, Queensland Heeler, Australian Heeler, Australian Cattledog, Australischer Treibhund

australian cattle dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is tough, alert, intelligent, loyal, protective and trustworthy. Australian Cattle Dogs are naturally suspicious of strangers and can be aggressive or dominant towards other dogs. They only get along well with familiar children and are highly intelligent dogs. Australian Cattle Dogs are very protective of property and make good watchdogs and guard dogs. They are very loyal to their owners and don't bark often. Australian Cattle Dogs get bored easily need to be kept occupied, otherwise behavioral problems are likely to occur.
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An occasional brush or comb is sufficient for Australian Cattle Dogs.

Australian Cattle Dogs need a lot of exercise and plenty to keep them occupied for them to stay in good physical and mental health. Not recommended for urban living.

In the early days of Australian settlement, controlling herds of cattle and sheep was fundamentally important. The early longer coated Bobtails were unable to withstand excessive heat and had a habit of barking, which often caused cattle stampeding. During the 1830's, selective breeding took place which resulted in the Blue Heelers, who barked less and later crosses were made to smooth collies for herding abilities and to the silent Dingo to curb excessive barking. Thus, through selective breeding the Australian Cattle Dogs was created. Australian Cattle Dogs were amenable to instruction combined with the dingo characteristics of creeping up and nipping the heels of cattle. Later, with some Dalmatian blood added, their affinity to horses was firmly established.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Sturdy and compact with a lot of muscle packed into a relatively small frame.
Color: Blue – mottling, speckling or tan permitted. Red speckle with or without red markings.
Coat: The outercoat is straight, dense and weather-resistant. The undercoat is thick and short. The length is about 2.5 – 4cm long (1-1.5 inches)
Tail: Set low and has a good brush – it may be raised when active, but is never carried over the back.
Ears: Medium sized, broad, muscular and pricked.
Body: Broad, muscular shoulders, strong back and strong muscular neck.

Additional Comments:

  • Australian Cattle Dogs are true working dogs, that have excellent stamina and strength despite not being overly large. They suit owners who want an active, hardy breed rather than a docile family dog.
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