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Size: Large
53 - 64 cm (21 - 25 inches)
Weight: 30 - 34 kg (65 - 75 lb)
Life Span: 12 years
Active & eager
Country of Origin:
United States
AKC Group:

american foxhound

The American Foxhound is affectionate, eager, active, energetic and brave. American Foxhounds generally get along well with children and other dogs but are likely to chase any non-canine pets with their natural hunting instincts. American Foxhounds vary widely with how they treat strangers, some are overly protective while others happily greet all visitors. It is important to remember that this breed is a natural pack-hunting hound and is not always an ideal family companion. American Foxhounds tend to be difficult to house train and are most suited for active families or those who enjoy hunting.
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Grooming is simple and easy with this short-coated breed. American Foxhounds are average shedders and should be brushed and combed occasionally to keep the coat in good condition.

The American Foxhound needs a substantial amount of daily exercise. If this breeds exercise needs are not met then they can become restless and destructive. American Foxhounds should be kept on a lead when out walking as they are likely to run off if they pick up an interesting scent. They tend to be reasonably active indoors and are not suited for urban living. Ideally American Foxhounds would have the opportunity to hunt or track with their owner.

The Foxhound evolved from English hounds that were brought to America in 1650. The cross-breeding of the English and French Hounds helped produce today's lean and fast American Foxhound. These dogs have an excellent nose and worked as efficient and untiring hunters of wild animals. The American Foxhound is still primarily a hunting and field trial dog (in packs and alone), though they have had some success as a companion dog. Its talents are hunting, tracking, watchdogging and agility.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Alert, agile and lean.
Color: All colors are accepted.
Coat: Close, hard and of medium length.
Tail: Set moderately high and is carried gaily with a slight curve (should not be forward over the back).
Ears: Set low, hanging close to the cheek and fairly broad at the base with rounded tips.
Body: The back is moderately long and muscular and the broad loins are slightly arched. The chest is deep and narrow and the well sprung ribs extend well back. The shoulders are muscular and sloping.

Additional Comments:

  • The American Foxhound is taller and lighter boned than the English Foxhound.
  • The American Foxhound was not bred to be a family companion, but if they are well socialized during puppyhood they can adapt to family life.
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